Yishka is one of the preeminent artists in the music world. Forging a bond with high profile artists and band groups very early on, he developed his sax, steel pan, and guitar skills and progressed to become a successful multi-instrumentalist. Yishka leveraged his talent and relationships which eventually led to collaborations with some of the greatest names in music. 

He is the son of Teddy Greaves, a world-renowned West Indies' singer, cabaret entertainer and bandleader, who at a time featured on the Johnny Carson Show. Shortly after Yishka was born in Kingston, his family relocated to the Bahamas and it was not until he became sixteen that he return to Jamaica. Subsequently, he began accompanying his father to sing at a hotel in Montego Bay where he played the trumpet. In his quest to step out of his father’s shadows, he joined the United Stars band as a second trumpeter and background vocalist under the lead of Beres Hammond as a vocal singer. His rise to fame began when he joined Soul Syndicate led by Earl "Chinna" Smith whose lead vocalist was Freddie McGregor. Soul Syndicate is renowned for providing a platform for many reggae bands in Jamaica to showcase their talents. At Soul Syndicate, Yishka was opportune to collaborate with many recording artists and expounded on his musical knowledge. In no time, his dedication and selflessness were rewarded as he played 2nd trumpet and vocals on Soul Syndicate's album "Harvest Uptown Famine Downtown". 

Then he moved to Miami, Florida and joined Roots Uprising, one of the first reggae bands in South Florida with his two brothers Asha -T, and Gershi where he played trumpet and lead vocalist role after spending three years at Soul Syndicate. It was at that time Roots Uprising collaborated with Ian and Roger Lewis of Inner Circle in recording two albums. Yishka went on to play the first trumpet for the group and wrote a lot of hit songs which led to the band becoming a household name in Miami. 

After a successful auditioning, Yishka and his brothers left the Roots Uprising band and joined the reggae group Happiness Unlimited discovered and produced by Stevie Wonder. In 1988, Yishka and Faith O'Aguilar were awarded Best Performers in the National Festival Song Competition with "Can't Stop the Little Man" and in 1990 Yishka again won Best Performer in the Popular Song Contest "Dance let the Music Play" in Jamaica. As lead singer and sax player for Skool owned by Desi Jones and led the band performances in Brazil and Mexico. More so, in 1991, he joined Riddim Force and moved to Japan on a one-year performance contract and on his return to Jamaica he worked as a cabaret performer. 

His first solo Album is entitled "Yishka" A Song for You which he recorded alongside producer Phillip "Termite" Roane. He also featured with Skabreeze and other various prominent artists on Sax in Skasmatic Album. He has played at Piano Bar Hard Rock in Hollywood, performs with American Roots of Jamaican Music, I-Land Vibes, and many famous recording artists. Yishka has also collaborated on Albums with Third World artists such as Ky-Mani Marley, Judy Mowatt, Freddie McGregor, Everton Blender, Denis Brown, Pam Hall, Mr. Vegas, Ed Robinson and Benjy Myaz to name a few. His hard work was rewarded when he was voted best of Miami in Entertainment. 

Some of his latest works include Sax album Trodding East with Chad Supreme, uplifting song "Rise Up" and Video under Working Class Musik label and "It's Our Time" in various artist Album DI Jugglin Riddim Volume #1 produced by JTMC Muzik Productions, "My My My" produced by JTMC Muzic Productions. and "How Could I Live" produced by RNR Music Productions. 

Yishka has enjoyed global travel having toured with Damian Marley, Third World, Inner Circle, Nadine Sutherland, Ky-Mani Marley and Barrington Levy and at present, he has a long list of tour schedules across The United States.